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How to Prevent Mold in Your Dallas Home

Are you a homeowner in Dallas, Texas, struggling with unsightly and unhealthy mold and mildew growth? The best way to combat this common issue is to deal with it proactively and address all the potential mold sources collectively. We're UCM Rug Cleaning Dallas, specializing in a full line cleaning services, including mold testing and remediation.

What Should You Do if You Find Mold in Your Dallas Home?

Mold takes hold on any organic surface where there's a wetness or a high humidity level. A staggering 70% of homes currently have a mold issue. According to the CDC, mold occurs anywhere moisture is present. This scourge takes hold on upholstery, paper products, cardboard, bathroom grout, and even ceiling tiles-every surface is fair game.

The best way to eliminate and prevent mold from growing in your home is to enlist our professional mold remediation services in Dallas. Here are the top reasons to choose us:

  • Hiring a professional mold specialist ensures you receive a proper mold assessment throughout your entire home. Sure, you can try to do this yourself, but do you know where to look and have the right tools and tests?
  • Professional mold remediation services use a specialized process that effectively removes the mold and treats the area to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Save money and time by professionally addressing your mold buildup from the get-go. Frequently, the DIY approach only considers part of your home environment, and you end up treating the symptoms, not the cause, setting you up for more investment in time and money to remove it.

Why is it important to prevent mold?

Mold growth looks grungy and dirty and can feel unhealthy - that's because it is. Its presence can lead to health issues for you and your family. It can also ruin your home and diminish the value of your property.

The EPA reports that mold produces allergens and irritants can cause various health issues. If you inhale or touch mold or mold spores, you could experience an allergic reaction. Symptoms of an allergic reaction are:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Eyes that are irritated, itchy, and red
  • Skin rash

Another critical reason to eliminate and prevent mold growth is that if left unchecked, mold can cause damage that leads to serious structural issues. Ultimately, this could affect your home's value and its resale performance.

Mold Prevention - Tips for Keeping Your Dallas Home Mold-Free

The best way to prevent big mold problems is to clean up the mold once you realize you have a problem. As a plus, because mold needs a moisture source to thrive, you must fix the moisture problem as soon as possible. As experts in mold removal and prevention treatment, we'd like to share the following tips to help you keep your Dallas living environment mold-free and healthy.

Improved ventilation prevents mold growth

One of the best ways to keep your home mold-free is to ensure proper ventilation throughout your home. Ventilation circulates the air and reduces condensation and humidity levels so that mold won't grow.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

It's essential to stay on top of household cleaning tasks, especially in areas like the bathroom and kitchen, where moisture levels tend to be high. Maintain and check your home's exhaust fans and HVAC to ensure they are working correctly and do not need repairs.

Find leaks and fix them

Mold needs moisture to take hold in your home. Track down and fix any leaks and spills across your home. Make sure to check the problem places in your home, and also take care of your roof, walls, and plumbing.

Use insulation to avoid low-temperature surfaces

Warm air holds more moisture in it than cooler air, in the form of humidity. When this air is cooled, condensation can form on the surface and provide moisture for mold to grow. This could happen with heated air in the winter encountering cold air at a window, or with hot summer air cooling inside your home. Insulation is a powerful tool that, when installed correctly, helps manage moisture build-up and thwarts mold growth.

Control the moisture levels in problem areas in your home

  • Kitchen - use exhaust fans when cooking, clean regularly using mold-inhibiting cleaners, empty trash daily, and run your disposal frequently.
  • Bathroom - run the exhaust fans whenever you bathe or shower, and for a while after, consider removing carpets and large rugs that hold moisture, and also waterproof and seal your grout.
  • Laundry Room - Maintain your washer, keep it as dry as possible, and remove the lint from your dryer frequently since it attracts moisture. Dry clothes immediately and make sure the area is ventilated properly.

Need More Information or an Assessment - We're Just a Call Away!

We know your struggle; we deal with it daily and have the expertise and solutions for your mold and mildew problems. The experts at UCM Rug Cleaning Dallas are trained to detect and efficiently clean away mold and follow up with preventative measures to eliminate it forever. Call us at 214-550-0164 for more information.

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