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Mold Testing Services in Dallas, Texas

Before any mold remediation is attempted, it is important to seek mold testing services to help you understand the scope of the mold infestation in your property. Mold testing gives property owners a clear picture of the mold problem on the property to help make choices about remediation process on time. It also helps provide a comprehensive report which guides the mold remediation team to properly eradicate mold and avoid future reinfestation.

Given the nature of mold and its effects on property and associated health hazards, it is important to ensure mold infestation is detected before it grows to harmful levels. Mold sometimes cannot be detected without using special equipment therefore there is a need for getting professional mold testing services to help you determine the mold infestation levels.

Looking for professional mold testers in Dallas Texas? Get in touch with UCM Rug Cleaning Dallas to get comprehensive mold testing and inspection services by calling us at 214-550-0164.

Why Choose UCM Rug Cleaning Dallas?

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive mold testing services by ensuring we have invested in modern mold testing equipment and an experienced mold testing team. We offer certified mold testing services in Dallas, Texas, that provides out-of-the-box mold testing solutions for residential and commercial entities at affordable prices. We deal with all types of mold, together with our local partner, O2 Mold Testing. They are an integral part of our service and are fully knowledgeable about how mold grows and how to identify it. Our mold inspection process is transparent and involves client input all the way through to ensure the client gets a clear indication of their mold infestation problem.

We offer the best mold testing service in Dallas Texas.

What to expect when you contact us for mold testing:

  • Complete mold examination of your property which follows a foolproof process that identifies the source of mold infestation and the extent of the mold infestation using a mold test meter among other specialized equipment.
  • A complete report including findings and recommendations, as well as pictorial representation and digital photographs of the affected areas when appropriate for your action
  • Usage of modern digital hygrometers to detect moisture in walls as well as air and environmental sampling tools to collect airborne mold spore samples to ensure a full and accurate mold position of your property
  • Collection of airborne samples and swabs (surface samples) for our mold testing laboratory, where fungal growth in your property will be confirmed or ruled out by experts.

What does our mold testing process cover?

  • Analyzing the building to check for any signs of past mold infestation and water damage within the building
  • Visual inspection of any traces of mold in the area of concern
  • A closer look at the environmental catalyst of mold growth such as humidity levels and temperature in the building
  • Establishing the level of moisture content in areas marked as susceptible to water damage especially near plumbing structures, water heaters, and basements
  • Examining the whole property using infrared technology to ensure there are no water leakages from hot water systems and pipes located behind interior walls
  • Taking digital photos showing the extent of mold on the affected areas
  • Air and surface sample collection for testing
  • Sending samples to an independent testing laboratory for processing
  • Submitting a complete and detailed report of all findings and recommendations

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Call us now on 214-550-0164 and get an estimate for mold testing. Protect your property from damage and your loved ones from sickness by ensuring the mold contamination levels in your property are manageable. We are available 24/7 for any mold testing inquiries and scheduling of appointments.

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