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What To Do If I Found Black Mold In My Apartment In Dallas

Coming home at day's end can be such a relief. You know you can relax and stop worrying when you enter the door. However, if members of your family frequently experience bouts of wheezing, sneezing, or coughing, there may be a problem. Black mold can be the source of these symptoms and is a common problem in homes in Dallas, TX. This short guide will ensure you know the dangers of black mold, what to do when you find it, and how to protect your family until it's gone.

How Dangerous Is Black Mold In An Apartment?

Consistent exposure to black mold in an apartment can cause significant health concerns. The earliest symptoms can be relatively minor. Infants who were raised in environments with a significant mold presence have been shown to have a 300% higher risk of developing asthma by age 7.

Some examples of symptoms related to black mold exposure include:

  • Postnasal Drip
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy eyes, nose, and throat
  • Nasal congestion

Individuals with a topical sensitivity to black mold may also experience dry, scaly skin. It's hazardous for those with asthma due to the increased frequency and severity of asthma attacks. Those who have experienced ongoing exposure to mycotoxins can cause chronic health conditions involving inflammation and immune system changes. Some types of mold have also been found to have a link with higher liver cancer rates.

Tips For When You Find Mold In Your Apartment

There are many mistakes that someone who identifies black mold in their apartment may make in the desire to protect their family by underestimating how dangerous black mold is. We've provided this guide to ensure you take the appropriate steps to get the proper black mold treatment and keep your family safe.

  1. Contact Your Landlord If You Have One. Your landlord must address any occurrences of black mold to ensure the home remains livable. They'll take the necessary steps to eliminate the presence of mold.
  2. Call for Professional Mold Remediation Services. If you own your home or apartment, call a professional like UCM Rug Cleaning Dallas to remove it. Black mold treatment requires professional assistance due to the dangers and complexity of removal.
  3. Secure yourself from the infected area if possible. The first essential thing you can do before calling a professional or your landlord is to isolate yourself and your family from the affected area. Black mold can spread very quickly, so being proactive is essential.
  4. Turn off all air-ventilated devices to prevent cross-contamination. To ensure that the mold remains isolated to its current location, turn off any devices that circulate air through your home. If left on, mold spores can use these conduits to travel and contaminate other areas.
  5. Keep The Mold-Contaminated Space As Is. Don't attempt to remove anything from the affected area or otherwise clean or handle anything in the space. This can disturb the mold and encourage its spread by dispersing spores through the air or getting them on your clothes and skin. Leave everything in the contaminated area, and wait for the professionals to arrive.

Where To Call In Dallas, TX For Help With Black Mold In Apartment?

Professional mold remediation services such as UCM Rug Cleaning Dallas are your first choice in handling an infestation in your home. Our experts will identify the source and extent of your mold problem and develop a plan to address it safely.

Why Is DIY Not An Option When It Comes To Black Mold Treatment?

Many dangers come with addressing a black mold infestation on your own. Attempting to remove the mold can spread it throughout your home if not done correctly. If all the elements involved in causing the mold outbreak aren't resolved, they'll return even if you manage to remove surface mold on your own. Furthermore, special equipment is necessary to ensure the infestation is eliminated and that dangerous levels of exposure to mold spores are avoided.

Extensive exposure to mold has notable health risks, including:

  • Legionnaires' Disease - This condition is a severe form of pneumonia that can be life-threatening. Cases of this disease have been linked to excessive exposure to molds.
  • Mold Allergies - Even if you don't presently have a mold allergy, it's possible for excessive exposure to cause the development of a sensitivity. In fact, mold can be the cause of persistent and chronic allergy-like symptoms.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Studies have shown that an alarmingly high number of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have mycotoxins that appear in their urine. This indicates that there is a notable connection between exposure to mold and CFS.

The health reasons alone are enough to make it imperative you leave mold removal to the experts. Combined with the difficulty of effectively removing it, the risk of spreading it, and the potential for recurrence, it's best to rely on the experts at UCM Rug Cleaning Dallas.

When Black Mold Appears In Your Apartment, Call The Professionals!

Don't risk your and your family's health when black mold appears in your home. Black mold doesn't just appear; certain circumstances create a suitable environment for it. Only by identifying and addressing the underlying cause, such as leaks or trapped humidity, will you be free of it forever. By calling professionals from UCM Rug Cleaning Dallas you'll have your black mold problem addressed quickly, safely, and permanently.

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